Evening Devotions

The Gospel of John, The Film

We will begin by viewing the film “The Gospel of John the Film”. This is a three hour dramatic presentation of the gospel that follows the text exactly. This will give us all solid foundation for the study.

The Gospel of John is one of the more interesting writings of the New Testament. We will discuss the how the Gospel of John differs from the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) in theology and historic perspective.

Each week we will ponder the questions; what do these writings tell us about God and Jesus? How have these writings influenced our culture, historically and today? What do we learn from these writings that guide us in our our own lives. We will have the opportunity to read together and study the entire text of the Gospel.

We will meet each week following the Sunday service at 10:00 am, on Sunday evening at 6:30 pm following the Community Dinner and at 5:30 pm for our Men’s Group:

1/1/2012 – John Wesley (How to understand and read the Bible)
1/8/2012 – The Gospel of John the Film (Sunday at 6:30 pm)
1/10/2012 – The Gospel of John the Film (Tuesday at 5:30 pm)
1/15/2012 – Bible Study – The Gospel of John — In the Beginning
1/22/2012 – Bible Study – The Gospel of John — The Good Shepard
1/29/2012 – Bible Study – The Gospel of John — The Farmer, Vineyard and Branches
2/5/2012 – Bible Study – The Gospel of John — The Way, Truth and Life
2/12/2012 – Bible Study – The Gospel of John — The Bread of Life
2/19/2012 – Bible Study – The Gospel of John — The Lamb of God

We will meet in the Brides room in the basement of Father Dyer United Methodist Church in Breckenridge. Please join us for fellowship as we deepen our understand and faith through this study.

The entire film (The Gospel of John the Film) is available on uTube in 2 sessions:

Part 1 – The Gospel of John the Film
Part 2 – The Gospel of John the Film

When: Every Sunday evening following the Community Dinner at 6:30 PM

Where: Father Dyer United Methodist Church
310 Wellingtion Avenue
Breckenridge, Colorado

We meet every Sunday evening in the brides room located downstairs at Father Dyer United Methodist Church.

Devotions last for approximately 30 minutes following the Sunday night community dinner. The program consists of scripture, a short message, prayer and music.

Please join us each Sunday evening.

This service is produced and led by lay volunteers with clergy support and supervision. The service is mostly media generously supplied by The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City. If you would like to participate in creating or leading a part of the service, let us know. Your help will be valued.

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